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You could also receive a WARNING LETTER that you are among California's worst drivers and the letter will provide you with a list of the courts and points that they are concerned with. We will set up a DMV Hearing and also remove the points in that particular court before the DMV Hearing and in most cases the points are removed and we can resolve the matter with the DMV successfully.



If you received a letter from the DMV that you are a negligent operator then you can contact our office prior to the date that the letter says your license will be suspended. If you call us in time, we will go into that court where you have the points and attempt to remove those points before your license actually becomes suspended. In most cases we are successful in removing the points before the date on the DMV letter and also in most cases we prevent your license from being suspended.

We will set up the DMV Hearing and negotiate with the DMV Hearing Officer to reduce the amount of points on your record to prevent the suspension but we first have to go into court and remove the points then we can work with the DMV.

If the points cannot be removed from the court before the DMV Hearing, then we are still successful in negotiating with the DMV Hearing Officer where you may be put on probation but able to keep your license, prevent a suspension and you can continue to work and drive during this process.



You have less than TWO WEEKS to notify the DMV from the date of your arrest to request a DMV Hearing and we do that for you. We will set up the hearing and work with the court as well and at the same time you can continue to work and drive during this process. You have a right to a hearing in this circumstance but only if you request a hearing during the time period. The time period is indicated on a LONG PINK FORM that has on it the time period you have to request a hearing. This long pink form is your temporary drivers license.


If you are NOT a commercial truck driver and it is a medical issue,  you will need to obtain a medical application from your doctor and send it to the DMV to prevent your license from being suspended. We will assist in this process.


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